16.05 m (52’ 8”) working height

230 kg (507 lbs) lift capacity


12 V DC auxiliary power

Deutz Diesel



16.05 m (52’ 8”) working height

230 kg (507 lbs) lift capacity

1.83 m x 0.76 m (6’ x 2’ 6”) steel platform


Rough terrain foam-fifilled tires

Self-leveling platform

Hydraulic platform rotation

Fully proportional controls

Drive enable


Hour meter

Tilt alarm

Descent alarm

355° non-continuous turntable rotation

Locking turntable covers

Zero tailswing and front arm swing

Engine gauge package

Alarm package

Dual flflashing beacons



12 V DC auxiliary power

Deutz Diesel

Power supply to platform

Compressed air line to platform

Anti-impact bracket for platform

  • Z shaped articulated boom, both com-pact and flflexible; able to ascend and descend vertically or extend horizontally to navigate obstacles. The platform can turn 160° , creating a wider operation area. The compact and narrow turntable eliminates tailswing thusimproving operation effificiency.
  • Off-road chassis, 4WD mobility, full time axle balance system, 36.4kw (49hp), providing excellent all terrain performance. The work platform is extendable, thus enlarging the work space. Together with the foldable fence railing, it provides transport flflexibility.
  • Full-range work capability, with direct and intuitive controls, utilizing precise and effective electric over hydraulic proportional control design. Complete with chassis tilt protection and platform overload warning systems, and with emergency lowering, and flflexible start/stop technologies.

Working platform overall dimensions1.83 m × 0.76 m × 1.15 m6 ft × 2 ft 6 in × 3 ft 9 in
Max speed6.12 km/h3.8 mph
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)6.69 m × 2.26 m × 2.13 m21 ft 11 in × 7 ft 5 in × 7 ft
Maximum theoretical gradeability45% (4WD)45% (4WD)
Minimum external turning radius4.5 m14 ft 9 in
Ground clearance (center)0.41 m1 ft 4 in
Wheel base2.1 m6 ft 11 in
Total machine weight7100 kg15212 lbs
Maximum working height16.05 m52 ft 8 in
Maximum platform height14.05 m46 ft 1 in
Maximum working range8.22 m27 ft
Maximum net spanning height7.6 m24 ft 11 in
Slewing radius of turn table1.145 m3 ft 9 in
Maximum load230 kg507 lbs
Maximum rearward slewing0 m0 ft
Control system12V DC proportional control12V DC proportional control
Emergency control unit12V DC battery12V DC battery
Tire33 12-20 solid tire (optional fifill off-road tire)33 12-20 solid tire (optional fifill off-road tire)
Weight detectionStandard confifigurationStandard confifiguration
Axle balance systemStandard confifigurationStandard confifiguration
Platform lowering speed0.1 m/s ~ 0.3 m/s0.22 mph ~ 0.67 mph
Telescopic speed of Boom No 20.1 m/s ~ 0.3 m/s0.22 mph ~ 0.67 mph
Slewing speed0.5 ~ 1 rpm0.5 ~ 1 rpm
Engine modelDeutz D2.9 L4Deutz D2.9 L4
Engine rated power36.4 kw / 2600 rpm48.8 hp / 2600rpm