Operation Weight :91000kg

Bucket Capacity:6m³




Output power:447/200(XE950G/GA)/  447.5/2100(XE950DA)

Torque/speed:2811/1300(XE950G/GA)/ 2742/1400(XE950DA)



It adopts imported Perkins (2806J/ 2806EA) electron-ic control, direct injection, 4-stroke, water cooling, turbocharging, air-to-air intercooling and six-cylinder high-torque low-speed engine.
The engine has the advantages of high reliability and high adaptability. Its emission meets the standards of China's Stage IV, North America Tier 4F and Europe-an Stage V. It is specially designed and manufac-tured for the working conditions of construction machinery.

  • The service life of key hydraulic components such as pumps, valves and motors can reach 30000 hours;
  • The optional explosion-proof valve can prevent the working device from falling suddenly due to the damage of the pipeline, so that the safety is enhanced.
  • The use of mining engines, reinforced cylinder block, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod, greatly extend the overhaul time; the electronically controlled unit pump fuel system adapted to the Chinese market greatly reduces the engine failure rate, improves the dust-proof ability and greatly reduces the risk of electrical parts failure and engine cylinder scratching.
  • The key hydraulic components have been optimized. It uses larger diameter main valve, rotary reducer with an integrated output mechanism and a larger walking reducer, so that the machine can obtain greater hydraulic energy, greater rotary and walking driving force, more suitable for harsh mine construction.
  • The thickness of the weak parts of the rotary platform, boom and bucket rod is increased, the bearing capacity is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation products, and the bending section modulus is greatly improved; the average stress of the newly designed structur-al parts is reduced by 30% compared with the previous generation products after CAE design analysis and rigorous impact measurement; the four-wheel one -belt of the vehicle is used to strengthen the bearing capacity of longitudinal beam and H-frame, strengthen the caterpillar, sup-port roller, etc,. and increase the load-bearing capacity by 30%.

  • The standard 6.0m3 heavy-duty bucket has higher operating efficiency;
  • Large torque, large displacement engine and high pressure hydraulic system are more competent for heavy load operation in mining area;
  • XEICS system with independent intellectual property rights can accurately debug the hydraulic and power matching, and improve the operation efficiency by 12%.

  • The autonomous controller collects the altitude of vehicle position and engine intake pressure, automatically determines the database, and prompts the operator to select plateau mode on the display. It can intelligently match the power of the hydraulic pump and the engine, so as to ensure the flow output of the pump, reduce the engine speed drop ratio, prevent black smoke and engine stall, and ensure the working efficiency of the excavator.
  • It can intelligently realize remote unmanned driving: Based on 5G, it can realize high-speed and low delay, break the limitation of time and space, restore the real scene, and realize the remote control of mining hydraulic excavator.