Operating Weight

120.7/2200 hp/rpm

Rated power/speed


Bucket capacity

Ecological and economical

► High-power engine is more fuel saving
► New Japan Kawasaki main pump can ensure high efficiency and reduced leakage
► Efficiency main valve increases overflow pressure and reduces pressure loss
► Smart matching technology ensures higher operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
Multiple application
► Variety of boom, stick and bucket matching to maximize utilization in different conditions, 
► Multi-functional intelligent work tool control system can meet different operating require­ments such as digging, breaking and dismantling 
► Instantaneous pressurization function copes with complex working conditions
Comfortable operating experience
► Air Conditioner and Heator with Double stage air filter ensure the appropri一ate temperature
► Silicone rubber shock absorber is adopted in the cab
► Air-suspending seat equipped with electric heating function 
► Integrated control panel and large display screen provide multiple information 
► ROPS and FOPS Cab can improve cab safety
Excellent after-sales service
► Global after-sales service system and quick response mechanism
► Real-lime technical consultation and maintenance
Convenient maintenance
► Easy maintenance design concept makes your maintenance done without dead angle
► Maintenance-free air prefilter
Safe and durable
► Whole brazing technology improves lifespan
► Upgrade undercarriage structure to improve load bearing performance
► Strengthened key stress-bearing parts of chain links
► Adopting a new generation of Cummins high-pressure common-rail EFI engine, tailored according to the excavator working conditions, features low speed, high torque, strong power, large power reserve, low fuel consumption and low noise 
► New Japan Kawasaki main pump is fully upgraded with large displacement, which is 7% higher than that of the previous generation. It can ensure high efficiency and reduced leakage under the same pressure. Swashplate swing angle increases power density greatly. 
►Equipped with new generation of high efficiency main valve with the functions of confluence and regeneration, the overflow pressure is increased, the pressure loss is smaller, and the working ability is more outstanding
►Smart matching technology, the machine can achieve higher operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption, and its fuel efficiency ratio is ahead of the same tonnage models. After continuous optimization and improvement of the hydraulic system, the control performance is further strengthened, maneuverability is more refined, and leveling and loading performance is better.


► Brand-new air conditioner and heater:lndoor and outdoor ambient temperature can be perceived through sensors and automat­ically adjusted to comfortable temperature. A good comfortable environment for operators can be provided with the cooperation of a multi-position adjustable air outlet 
► With new seat adjustment mode, the new air suspension seat based on ergonomics, can realize 7 kinds of postures including front and rear adjustments, high and low adjustments, backrest, headrest and handrails, it can also ad」ust the seat height automatically according to the operator's weight, which will greatly improve the comfort 
► The newly designed cab has a wide view, lower noise, and more user-friendly operation buttons to provide a more comfortable working environment 
► Optional ROPS and FOPS device and protective net can improve cab safety 
► The cab is structurally reinforced and the seat is equipped with safety belts 
► Middle-position startup function can avoid mis-operation; standard equipped rear video function which improves operation safety, the monitor which will give audible and visual alarm when fault occurs; running alarm function 
► Equipped with fire extinguisher, safety escape hammer and anti-skid device 
► Adopting whole brazing technology and new-type radiator welded by robots, and configuring positive pressure degassing type expansion tank,to improve the pump life, which can quickly remove the gas within engine and waterway, reduce the rust and meet 50t environmental operating
► The turntable adopts a rigid box structure to provide higher strength and improve the cab shock absorption ability. The engine mounting base 
structure is strengthened to improve shock absorption 
► With main body adopting I-beam rigid structure, the whole machine's strength is intensified, and the turntable side beam adopts the D-tube structure to improve its ability to resist external impact
► The travelling mechanism adopts strengthened key parts of the chain rails bearing stress to improve the strength and impact resistance of the chain rails, and the service life of the track is greatly improved. With strengthened X-beam section, and the strength of the end face is greatly improved by increasing the size, thickness and structure of the box beam
► The working equipment adopts the casting type single connecting rod to fully optimize the stress distribution, which greatly improves the reliability. The boom arm shaft seat adopts the forging-type shaft seat, and higher wear resistance can be achieved through the quenching and tempering treatment
► Replace the XCMG new second generation bucket to make the force more reasonable and increase the durability.
► The independently developed multi-functional intelligent work tool control system can be widely used for irrigation and water conservancy, river dredging, municipal construction and small mine construction. It can meet different operating requirements such as digging, breaking and dismantling, and its working condi廿on adaptability is further strengthened.
► The design has the function of instantaneous pressurization. By means of the pressurization button on the handle, the rising speed of the boom or the traction force of walking can be increased instantaneously, so as to cope with complex working condi一tions.
►The new control system uses CAN bus, the monitor is responsible for display, the controller is responsible for signal acquisition and output, and the bus connects with monitor, GPS controller, engine ECM, which can achieve faster data management and more efficient control
► Daily maintenance points such as fuel pre-filler, fuel filler, oil filter, pilot filler, air filler and electrical box are accessible on the ground level, saving lime and effort, and safer. 
► The inverted visual fuel pre-filler can keep track of the filler element status, and can also discharge the gas in the pipeline to reduce the damage to the high-pressure fuel pump. The large-displacement manual pump is easier to operate and pump the oil much faster. 
► The air conditioning system drying bottle is integrated on the condenser to reduce the leakage points of the refrigerant, and the disassembly is convenient and easy to replace. 
► Fuel breather valve is standard equipped to keep the tank pressure stable, effectively filter dust, and ensure the oil quality 
► A wide range of after - sales service system and quick- response rescue mechanism can ensure that you use machine at ease