At XCMG we offer a wide variety of custom finance solutions to meet the needs of your company.

  • Capital & Operating Leases
  • Equipment Finance Agreements
  • $1 Buy Out Leases
  • Fair Market Value Leases
  • Inventory Finance & Floor Plan Lines of Credit
  • Fleet Rental Financing

We offer many custom tailored financing solutions:

  • 100% Financing Available

We can finance 100% of the equipment cost plus the costs of sales tax, freight & shipping, attachments, software & extended warranties in one loan or lease agreement.

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • No down payment available
  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Step Up, Step Down, Seasonal & Skip Payments
  • Quick Turnaround

We can process applications up to $250,000 with just a simple credit application and have approval and lease documents in as little as 24 hours.

  • Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit

We can set up a line of credit for equipment purchases, easing equipment acquisition & increasing funding time on future purchases.


  • Conservation of Capital & Improved Cash Flow

Equipment financing doesn’t require a cash expenditure thereby allowing your business to conserve working capital, match payments to revenue and keep bank lines of credit open and available.

  • Purchasing Power

Financing allows your business to purchase more equipment by using leverage.

  • Convenience and Speed

An equipment loan or lease can be processed much faster than traditional financing, may times in as little as 24 hours.

  • Tax Advantages

Leases can be structured as “on” or “off” balance sheet depending on your businesses needs and in many cases, financing equipment  allows you to qualify for Section 179 deductions.

  • Cash Forecasting

Having predetermined lease payments allows your business to accurately prepare budgets and forecasts.

  • Customized Solutions

Customized financing solutions allows your business to align your objectives with a wide variety of flexible payment options.

To request a finance quote or to apply:

XCMG NA Credit application: link to credit ap

Call : 725-605-2888



At XCMG we understand inventory financing is a critical component to dealer’s sales, success and profitability. We work to customize solutions for your dealership that support your business, improve cash flow, conserve capital and help reduce business expenses

We offer your business many options for inventory finance.


  • Loans and Leases

Customized loan and lease options are available for dealers looking to finance inventory purchases. Flexible terms and end of term options.

  • Floor Plan Lines of Credit

Floor Plans are a type of inventory finance that allows a dealer to purchase inventory and pay for the piece of equipment when it is sold. Dealers pay interest only for a certain period of time. When that time has run out, dealers pay both principal and interest, known as the “curtailment” period. When the equipment is sold the payment is applied to the  line of credit and the funds are typically available again for future inventory purchases.

  • Fleet Rental Financing

Fleet rental financing allows a dealer to purchase equipment to be placed into their rental fleet for the term of the lease or loan.


To inquire or apply:


Call: 725-605-2888


Sell More Equipment

  • Offer lower payments and make equipment acquisition easier for your customers
  • Enable your customers to order additional equipment that they may not have purchased due to cash constrictions
  • Increase transaction size profit margin by selling monthly payment amount

Sell More Often

  • Make it easier for your customers to acquire new equipment, upgrade current equipment or add-on existing equipment as their needs change
  • Develop follow up selling opportunities and build repeat business

Sell to More Customers

  • Close sales faster by offering leasing options and spend more time in front of potential prospects
  • Control the sale by offering “one stop shopping” by combining equipment, software, services and financing all in one multi-document package
  • Increase customer loyalty by being a single, convenient source for quality products and flexible, affordable financing

Improve Your Cash Flow

  • Reduce your “days sales outstanding” from new-30 sales and eliminate fees paid to credit card companies
  • Get paid fast with rapid funding


  • Obtain the latest technology today
  • Protection against technology advancements
  • Predictable, low monthly payments
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Flexible pay structures and end of term options
  • Ability to bundle costs for installation, services and taxes
  • Increases cash flow with lower payments and preserves capital